Importance OF Awards Shows For Desi TV Serials Are They Justified

What are awards? Why are they given? And what is the model of the award? Well, awards are prize given to a person for his unbelievable performance. It normally identifies the person and gives him a heroic status in the society. This is the importance of the awards but thinking for while do you really think the awards are given to people with extraordinary feats under their title. Today, there are dozens of awards ceremony for screen actors and the associates such as directors, producers, screenwriters, and many like them giving away the prize because of their ability. But considering this are they really fit to accept the awards? I doubt. Many south Asian channels air such ceremonies which are soon vaporized from the audiences mind. This is mainly due to the business partners who are introducing awards based on their company's names such as "Airtel Awards", and many like them. The idea behind this is the companies are finding ways to promote their business at the global stage.And sake of the promotion, the juries assembled to nominate and award those actors and other associates whom they consider to be perfect for the prize. But taking a deeper look within, there are questions that could be rising within, are the actors really deserve the awards. If you see, thespians performing in desi TV shows you will notice that they are scripted and the force and naturality behind their acting do not flow. But still since the TV serial is an instant hit and the actor draws applause and standing ovation from the regular audiences they become the perfect choice to get the awards. At the end, no one deserves for the skills and talents but bag the awards due to their popularity and hits of the TV program. No one cares for what is going behind the screen but all what is considered that people love the show, the actors become a familiar face while the distributors and many business companies profit.An award ceremony titled "Airtel Superstar" awards which is scheduled to air on Star Plus Usa will certainly pull the audiences. People associated with the award will certainly profit but frankly speaking due to the business prosperity the importance of a particular thing falls. Although, the awards open up as a fresh event of the day and carries out its importance for next couple of days, but people finally lose interest and hardly anyone knows that whether such award ceremony existed and who was the luckier one to get that award.

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