Month: July 2019

Official Website Of Mohandas: Take Every Bite Of The Movie

In the real sense, an official website is among one of the most important means of promoting the product and services to the global viewers. Same fact lies strong in the context of the launch of the official website of the movie ?Mohandas? that?s going to hit the multiplexes on April 17, 2009.

Matters Highlighted in the Official website :

Being the debut movie from the house of Vertika films private limited, ?Mohandas? is an appreciable effort of bringing a meaningful and rational cinema to the viewers. The movie ?Mohandas? has a touchy story line up that depicts the saga of a common man named Mohandas who has unethically lost his identity between unbearable social stigmas and twisting democratic hurdles .

Directorial Credentials:

The movie ?Mohandas? is the directorial debut by noted cinematographer Mazhar Kamran, better known for his illustrious array of movies including Satya, Jhankaar Beats and Mast in his kitty.

The Star Cast:

A number of prominent faces of film industry have shown their imminent presence in the movie. Sonali Kulkarni, Nakul Vaid and Akhilendra Mishra are some high flying artists who infused life in the movie with their lively performances. By visiting the official website of Mohandas, one can have a look at the varied characters of the movies as well as the respective roles played by them.

Lyrics and Playback Scores:

?Mohandas? accommodates a number of soothing lyrics written by the famous lyricist Vivek Priyadarshan and complemented by well-known music directors V K Solankia and Yash Malviya for the playback music score.

The website also reveals the name of various national and international film festivals from New Delhi to New York where the film has earned worldwide acclamation and admiration. On the official website of ?Mohandas? Viewers can get an idea of the various interesting facts about the movie Mohandas.

Critical Comments:

Last but not the least, the praiseworthy comments of legendary director, journalist and eminent poets posted on official website of Mohandas movie actuate the viewers in real sense to spend a few pennies by watching it.