Month: January 2019

Life OK Mahadev – New Entertainment on TV

Life OK shows like 'Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev', 'Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki', 'Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava', 'Hum Ne Li Hai… Shapath', 'Azaadi' and 'Savdhan India' gained popularity soon after they was first telecast on TV. Today, people like to watch television programs that have different storylines rather than routine soap operas featuring love and romance. Many Indian TV channels telecast reality shows, competitions, celebrity chats, family matters, sports and even issues that are faced by people in everyday life. Moreover, people tune-in the channels that offer viewers the luxury to watch their favorite programs at a suitable time. To suit the comfort of viewers of small screen entertainment channels, all popular programs are telecast again, the next day. You can watch all popular programs of Life OK channel when they are repeated. If you miss-out a single episode of any of your favorite program, you can watch it again online.The popularity of Har Har Mahadev on Life OK'Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev' is a beautifully written spiritual drama based on the life of Lord Shiva, one of the most powerful and admired Gods in India. The serial shows the different avatars of Lord Shiva throughout his life. It is amazing to watch the story of Sati, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The show shares journey of Mahadev right from being a celibate Yogi to a house holder. It is an exclusive story that showcases Sati's life, telling us how she fell in love with Lord Shiva. The program held the highest TRP ratings when it was first introduced on TV and still does.Watch Mahadev onlineThrough the serial Devon Ka Dev…Mahadev, you are able to see the life of Lord Shiva in detail and also get the glimpse of ancient culture. Are you a fan of Lord Shiva and do you want to know about his all avatars? Now you can watch Devon Ka Dev…Mahadev online on Life OK channel's website. There are many other websites that share full videos and episodes of the program for the serial lovers. In this program, you can witness the most influential God of the Indian culture, Lord Shiva, as a householder. Watch how Sati sacrifices herself to punish Lord Shiva's insolence, Adi Shakti returns as Devi Parvati just to unite with Shiva. Life OK, Mahadev is one of the serials people have enjoyed watching after the good old stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat. The music, cast, songs and plot of the program are well scripted to entertain the audiences of today.Today, the TV audience love to watch good old spiritual stories again. Youth take interest to know about the strengths of the lords, powers of Goddesses and their different avatars. Watching their stories on HD technology TV sets is a real treat for all. Tune-on your TV to Life OK channel to watch the journey of Sati and her love to Lord Shiva. Missed out any episode? No need to worry, you can still watch it online.