Month: November 2018

Yummy Cakes Leave Evergreen Partying Memories

Parties without cake are just like body without a soul. Today, cakes decide whether the party was good or not. Metaphorically speaking, cake becomes a VIP in parties; the flavors used in it turn out to be one of the most discussion topics in family circles. It is said that cakes sweeten relationships and make them deeper.So do you think your wedding cake plays any part in enhancing your wedding reception? The answer is a big yes, because it symbolizes much more than just a dessert. In fact the cake displayed in your wedding day will be the centre of attraction of your party. It should stand out on its creative and elegant look. Imagine a six layered, beautifully carved wedding cake displayed in one corner of the wedding dais, then it's quite natural that guests' attention will move towards that direction. They will enjoy the decoration and appraise about the flavors used in layering the cream, frosting and icings on its top.Nowadays, theme-based wedding is very common. The theme you use in your wedding cake should go with the style and theme of your wedding and reception, and this augments guests' perception about the new couple's life ahead. In Christian weddings, guests wait for the bride and groom to come and cut the wedding cake and share it with each other. It's really interesting to watch that moment, because most couples use the moment to make fun of their better part by splashing cream on their entire face. This commonly-followed-but-for-no-reason tradition fills joy and fun in the air by making the bond between the couples more deep and giving them the feeling that marriages are made in heaven. While guests get great enjoyment from the moment, the newlywed couple takes this opportunity to enhance their romantic life.So if you are planning to get married, please don't forget to choose a cake that would make others slobber. If you are not very creative, it's not a problem. The designs and flavors are on your fingertips. You can get ideas from cake shows, just like I collected information for my favorite cake from a cookery show. One of the shows I watch on my HD television, with a connection from Dish TV, is Fabulous Cakes. The show portrays people's attachment towards cakes and the current trends in cake designing. Shot in Las Vegas' top bakeries, the show features people who order more than 100,000 cakes per year for special occasions.After doing researches about the types of cakes, the next step will be to consult with your fiancee for an opinion. Since the cake is the reflection of the couple's life, both should jointly decide the style, flavor and design with which both are happy. If you are going with a theme-based one, then you should take care of the overall color scheme that is from bridesmaid dresses to the table cloths. If you order a cake by keeping these things in mind, then it will not only complement your wedding, but also give the celebrations an added layer of style and beautification.Even for birthdays, we use theme-based cakes. On kids' birthdays, we always go for animated cakes, while we celebrate teenagers' birthday with modern art carved cakes. Having family get-togethers without a cake is questionable. Nearly hundreds of varieties of cakes are available today, each with distinct taste, style, flavor and texture. Cakes can be generally divided into two types, they are foam cakes and butter cakes. While foam cakes contain less fat, butter cakes are made of more butter and cream. It's pretty easy to make a simple cake. The core ingredients you need are sugar, baking powder, self-rising flour and eggs and butter. Mix all these thoroughly and bake it. Your cake ready is ready to be served.